Blog Case Study

Recapturing a Keyword for a Manufacturing Website

The manufacturer’s website had a page that performed well for an important keyword. Until it didn’t. 

It all Started With an Algorithm Change


A manufacturing website had a page that performed well for an important keyword. Until it didn’t. 

One of my customers sells valves and accessories for vacuum jacketed piping systems. The customer wanted to be in front of people who search for “vacuum jacketed piping” since those people are potential customers.

Google changed its algorithm, and the customer’s site plummeted off the search results completely for this important keyword.

First Step, Research

I looked into the page that had ranked for that keyword before and determined that there were no technical issues that would cause a drop in rank, confirming that the problem was page content.

Then I looked at the web pages that did rank well for the keyword. I discovered that Google bot had a point, these other pages were more on target for the keywords—my client’s web page was simply a list of products, the pages that ranked for “vacuum jacketed piping” were more informative.

Building on the Positive

However, an image from our site was showing up on searches for our lost keyword.  It showed a diagram of the vacuum insulated piping system highlighting where the client’s products could be used. 

We renamed the page “About Vacuum Jacketed Piping Systems and Accessories.” The page content was rewritten with more information about piping systems. I carefully added the phrase “vacuum jacketed piping” to the text without stuffing the keyword, taking advantage of Googlebot’s new ability to consider similar phrases. 

On the backend, I added FAQ structured data to take advantage of rich snippets in search results. 

A few months after repurposing the overview page with new text, the page went from 0 to 6th place in search results for the keyword. It got 800% more clicks, a 350% better click-through rate.