HTML & CSS: This Looks Useful

As a content designer, I’ve needed my HTML and CSS skills, even when I’m using a Content Management System with a friendly front-end like WordPress. Also, I’ve found knowing some HTML is helpful with drag-and-drop type editors like MailChimp. Sometimes errors creep into the content boxes, or the style options offered in the editing tools just don’t fit the project.

Below are some online resources for HTML and CSS touch-ups and spruce-ups.


HTML Landmarks and Where to Put Them I found this a helpful reminder, and expect to refer to it again.

When I need a refresher on FlexBox, Mozilla’s overview is perfect. I was shocked when Mozilla fired the MDN writing team and started relying on volunteers. As a consequence, MDN may not be the definitive resource it once was.

There are some amazing CSS techniques to see on CodePen. In addition to inspiration, you can play with the code in a sandboxed arrangement. Don’t miss the insanely cute interactive puppy. There is a social dimension, too. You can follow people and Pens that you find interesting. Best of all—the sandboxing in CodePen makes it easy to test your own ideas— no need to code a whole web page to test out a CSS, HTML, or JS idea.

This is one of the best charts I’ve used for HTML entities. It gives you all the options, HTML code, HTML entity, HEX code, and CSS entity. There’s a visual of the character or symbol you are looking for, handy if you don’t know the correct name of the diacritical you need to use. Importantly, the list is searchable, too.


These helpful web pages let you play with settings and see what you like, and then give you the basic CSS. I’ve noticed that they don’t give you all the browser-specific properties, just the generic ones. You’ll have to add the WebKit or Moz versions of the CSS properties if that’s what you prefer.

CSS Shadow Palette Generator

CSS Gradient Generator

technical SEO

Are you working on Technical SEO? Here are a few helpful resources.

About This Looks Useful

I was posting links to social media, to give a shout-out to the people who shared the helpful information. Also believing that I could always go back to my feed to find them again. Corporate takeovers being what they are, I have moved the links I’ve found to my own website.

If you find any of these things useful, thank the people who posted them in any way you can. A kind word, a tip for a cup of coffee, or even a shout-out on social.

I’ll be updating these as I run across more useful links.