Nice to meet you! This is my site that talks about the work I do for clients’ websites.

That’s not all I do. Just to clear things up—

I Have Two Careers

two careers

Managing Websites

Keeping them up-to-date and performing their best in search.

Designing Children’s Books

Bringing the stories and illustrations together.

Managing Websites

  • Monitor Google Analytics for significant changes and opportunities
  • Develop on-page content to improve page rank and capture important keywords
  • Keep the underlying technology up-to-date
  • Direct SEO and PPC accounts
  • Optimize paid listing programs for the best traffic at the least cost
  • Improve usability by conducting interviews and analyzing metrics
  • Regular upkeep like finding missing links, fixing search coverage issues, updating software and plugins

Children’s Book Design

At NeuStudio we design children’s books and marketing materials for children’s books. David and I started our independent design studio and specialized in publishing because we love books. We met at Parsons School of Design, where David studied illustration, and I studied design. In our more than 20 years in business, we’ve worked for publishers large, small, and in-between.

children's book design