website redesign and migration
Redesigned website migrated to WordPress

Website Redesign and Migration

Role: Project Manager, Brand Manager
Project management for the redesign and transition of 150 static web pages to the WordPress platform. From project description and bids to deployment. Keeping owners up-to-date with progress and communicating brand specifications and technical details to the outsourced design development team.  


  • Increased Pageviews Year over Year by 38%
  • Decreased time and costs for building a news roundup page by 33%


Prototype Development — Book Cover Design Tool

Role: Human-computer interaction student.

Work to be done: Learn fundamental concepts in human-centered design. Understand the user’s needs and ideate a solution to achieve their goals while having a positive experience. Research and develop a UX design project, build a wireframe prototype and get feedback, make a hi-res prototype and evaluate the usability.

Solution:  Develop a prototype tool for independent children’s book authors that makes the technical task of designing a print-ready book cover easier.


User Experience Design program Certificate of Completion from Cornell

figma prototype of product concept
Prototype for UX Design Project
responsive portfolio website
Responsive portfolio website

Studio Website

Roles: Design, Front End Development, Content
Book and book marketing design firm’s portfolio website. The static site is clean, fast, and responsive.


  • Drove more than 1400 Pageviews and kept viewers on the page for over 3 minutes with original research and content

NeuStudio Website


Grassroots Newsletter Campaign

Roles: Strategy, Graphics, Editing, Newsletter Production

Work to be done: Encourage and coordinate the efforts of a grassroots organization in the weeks before a key election

Solution:  Open the newsletter with a personal note from the group leaders to encourage members. Temporarily include only content related to election activism and develop a focused list of activities for members to undertake each week. Simplify the design and use bold graphics.


  • Increased clicks by 197%
  • Zero unsubscribes
  • Increased open rate by 136%
newsletter design & content strategy
Series of Newsletters Promoting an Event