website redesign and migration
redesigned website migrated to WordPress

Website Redesign and Migration

Role: Project Manager, Brand Manager
Managing the redesign and transition of 150 static web pages to the WordPress platform. From project description to deployment. Keeping owners up-to-date with progress and communicating brand specifications and technical details to the outsourced design development team.  


  • Increased Pageviews Year over Year by 38%
  • Decreased time and costs for building news roundup page by 33%


Studio Website

Roles: Design, Front End Development, Content
Book and book marketing design firm’s portfolio website. The static site is clean, fast, and responsive.


  • Drove more than 1400 Pageviews and kept viewers on the page for over 3 minutes with original research and content

NeuStudio Website


responsive portfolio website
Responsive portfolio website

newsletter design & content strategy

Grassroots Newsletter Campaign

Roles: Strategy, Graphics, Editing, Newsletter Production
Work to be done: Encourage and coordinate the efforts of a grassroots organization in the weeks before a key election
Solution:  Open the newsletter with a personal note from the group leaders to encourage members. Temporarily include only content related to election activism and develop a focused list of activities for members to undertake each week. Simplify the design and use bold graphics for focus.


  • Increased open rate to 39.2% from 28.4%
  • Zero unsubscribes
  • Increased clicks by 197%