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User Testing Leads to a Simple Time-saving Fix

When listening to engineers, it became clear some forms didn’t have enough information — causing wasted time. There was an easy fix.

Footer Form Update Gives Engineers More Data

During User Testing with the manufacturer’s Sales Engineer, we discovered a use case that resulted in data from customer inquiries requiring a follow-up call or email.

On this custom manufacturer’s website, multiple basic products can be customized. When a customer submits an inquiry form, an email goes to the factory and an engineer estimates the cost of producing the product.

User testing was conducted virtually. The factory’s Sales Engineer shared his screen as he navigated around a newly redesigned site. The session was recorded for later reference. While reviewing custom product form pages, he spontaneously mentioned the complaint that sometimes a customer isn’t clear which product they’re asking about when filling out the site’s footer form. The engineers would waste time guessing or contacting the customer for clarification.

No one wanted to add unnecessary work for the customer, so we didn’t choose to add another question to the form.

Nor did we want to hire a developer and craft a custom solution.

Sure, new tech is great— but have you ever solved a problem quickly and easily?

Solution Researching the options in the form plugin, Contact Form 7, I found a special mail tag that puts the URL of the originating webpage in the email sent to the factory. Now the engineers know which product page the customer was viewing when the form was completed, saving time and confusion at the factory.