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The sandbox is a place where I can test new web content ideas and techniques. I spend most of my time polishing and publishing clients’ web content as efficiently and consistently as possible. Here I can do the same for myself.

While reading about current trends and best practices in web design and web content, I come across techniques I’d like to try. These pages are my sandbox, a place I can build web pages and try new html, css (or ?). Melissa Gilbert has a playful and open-hearted theory of ideas: they look for someone who will bring them to life. The sandbox is a testing ground for those that come my way.

web-content-user experience custom error page

Understand Your Website’s Visitors Better with Google Analytics Tools

While I was studying for certification in Google Analytics, I found tools that anyone can use to understand their visitors better.

web-content-user experience custom error page

User Experience Design, Keeping Visitors with A Custom Error Page

Ideally, a visitor wouldn't see an error page. If something goes wrong, a friendly, brand appropriate error page will smooth the experience and keep your visitor on your site. Here's how I made a custom error page for this site....


Indesign tips: Working With Other People's Files

Here is a PDF made for a new Indesign user who will be working with files from multiple sources. Its a list of things that might be happening when she's puzzled. InDesign tips, more...

web-content-responsive web page

Responsive Web Design - Laundry 101

This responsive web page is designed for college students to reference on their smart phones, when away from home and doing laundry. They will want to access the information in chunks, as needed, for instance, when a stain happens. When they need to know how to wash an item, they can access the general guidelines. As long as they don't drop the phone in the sudsy water. mobile-first web design, more...


Embedding an Animation from Adobe Edge

Testing Adobe Edge as an animation tool. Its pretty smooth, but how many .js files are too many? animation logo, more...

adding content to website

Adding Content with APIs

Add content to your website that's constantly renewing using Application Programming Interfaces. There is a fascinating and ever expanding universe of APIs that add data and functionality to websites and apps. adding web content, more...

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