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Logo animation with transparency

While designing a website my colleague Brian Maya animated the boxes above my name. He picked up the blocks from an Adobe photoshop file and created the animation in Adobe edge. The Adobe software worked together well and the animation came together pretty quickly. I prefer to write my HTML and CSS in a text editor. So Edge exported files for me to embed including lots of bits of javascript, all in the same folder as this html doc:

. . . making Adobe Edge not a practical solution for serving up a mobile-friendly site. I bet with some careful experimentation I could reduce the number of .js files this page has to call. I decided to use a static header on my web pages so I won't be trying to figure that out.

The shapes are so simple, though, it would be worth trying an animated .gif logo or an HTML/CSS solution.

Design-wise, Brian did a great job. You can see more of his work on his website, brianmaya.com

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