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Dynamic content from internet-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Starting with: Design quotes curated by Chris Coyier:

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The Quotes on Design API sends snippets of wisdom directly to my web page. A pretty easy way to add content to your site that's constantly renewing. There is a fascinating and quickly expanding universe of APIs that swap data with websites and apps. Big players like Google Maps and Twitter provide developers with tools, and there are niche offerings, such as Bike Index, providing information that has lead to the recovery of over 2000 stolen bikes.

API content doesn't help your SEO content marketing efforts because the text resides at the host server. Used with imagination, APIs can improve your site's utility, increasing engagement and time on your site.

APIs used together are "mashups," and can be incredibly, cleverly, useful, like Can I Stream.it? that lets you search the APIs from Netflix, Amazon, HuluPlus, Epix, Crackle, YouTube, SnagFilms, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, SEN, TargetTicket, Redbox, and Xfinity Streampix for the title you'd like to view.

The programmable web has a directory of free and paid APIs for web pages and APPs. The list is fun to review, imagine what mashups you could concoct! Some APIs are pretty simple, Quotes on Design gave me the code I used for the quotes above. More sophisticated APIs use Javascript and JSON, or XML. A web API can be called (to get/receive information) from almost any language that can make an http request.

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